10 Top Home Baking Tips

With the constantly rising cost of living being able to create your own home-baked produce becomes an increasingly more attractive option to buying ready-made from the shops.

Home baking is often looked upon as a task for the more senior members of society and the professionals, with many of the inexperienced worrying unnecessarily about the prospect of doing it themselves.

Home baking is not difficult, if you follow a few simple rules it becomes a task achievable by anyone.

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I have only been home baking for about 2 years as I worried once about the prospect.

I now enjoy the task and enjoy even more the results. I now receive regular requests from family and friends to bake them something and more often than not receive excellent feedback.

Not bad for someone who’s only been doing it a couple of years.

A few basic but important rules and practices can make sure that your home-baked goods turn out delicious and rather moreish. Make the odd mistake and learn by it; after all this is the best way to learn anything.

Home Baking – 10 Top Tips for Successful Home-Baked Goods

Follow these few tips and you will soon be churning out delicious home-baked food with ease.


1. Always sieve your flour into the mixing container. This will make sure that no dry lumps stay in the finished product.


2. Always use good quality ingredients. This does not mean you have to use the most expensive as that will defeat the object of baking your own to save money, just be sure to use good quality.It is not important to get the weights and measures of the ingredients 100% exact, a bit of leeway either way is fine.


3. Try to get the weights and measures as close as you can but do not worry if they are a little out, the results will often be fine and unique to you.

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4. If a sweet recipe calls for unsalted butter but you only have salted don’t worry, nobody will notice the difference as the sweet ingredients will dominate the taste.

If on the other hand a recipe calls for unsalted butter and a pinch, or perhaps half t-spoon of salt, what’s the point! Use salted butter and omit the added salt.


5. Many use a type of all-in-one baking fat when making pastry which gives great results. However the more traditional method of half butter and half lard (shortening) gives the best results for savoury shortcrust pastry, where all butter will give the best results for sweet shortcrust pastry.


6. Always chill your pastry in the refrigerator before use. I don’t really know why but pre-chilled pastry always seems to bake more evenly.


7. When making sponge cake mix use an electric mixer to help the mix become light and fluffy with lots of air particles in it.

However try not to complete the mixing until you are ready to use it as it will give the best results if used immediately and not given chance to settle.

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8. Always bake your creations in a pre-heated oven. Do not be tempted to put in the oven until it gets to the correct temperature.


9. If adding artificial colourings or flavourings be sure to add just a little at a time and mix in thoroughly until you get the desired colour or taste.

Don’t add too much at once as by doing this you run the risk of ruining the batch.


10. Follow each recipe as closely as possible and do not get experimental until you have plenty of experience and feel confident enough to add your own touch to a tried and trusted recipe.

Follow the above 10 basic rules and your home-baked foods should turn out great. All you need to do then is sit back and wait for the compliments.

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These 10 Top Home Baking Tips are just the start for you to become a great baker. Best Books and “How To” videos featured on Baking For the Home will teach you more about baking.