2018 Foodies Game Changer

ruby chocolate

This webinar is for you if you:

  • Want to be first with current food trends
  • Love to entertain with new food innovation
  • Love chocolate, you’re a foodie, chocolatier, chef or baker
  • You know your place is to stand out from the crowd
  • You know planning ahead is critical to rise above your competition
  • Introduce another income stream to your catering business
  • Take your business to the next level of enterprise

You’ve tried milk, dark, and white.

Now, get ready for the newest member of the cocoa family.

The Ruby Cocoa Bean discovered in 2004 and first released as Ruby and Pink chocolate in September 2017.

ruby chocolate

Image Source: sbs.com.au

Can you remember when a new food was last discovered?

The Ruby cocoa bean is a remarkable discovery from the Ivory Coast, Ecuador, and Brazil.

It’s been scientifically confirmed they were entirely natural and not genetically modified.

The new Ruby Chocolate is the 2018 Foodie Game Changer


Image Source: thesun.co.uk

This Millennial pink KitKat sent the Internet into overdrive this year.

ruby kit kat

Image Source: elitedaily.com

Imagine, everything you could bake and cook with ruby chocolate. Think ruby chocolate – chocolate chip cookies, chocolate, truffles,  ruby covered strawberries, chocolate cake, hot chocolate and ruby chocolate mousse.

Ruby chocolate is made from the Ruby cocoa bean.

No ‘berry’ flavoring is needed to make Ruby chocolate; the flavor comes solely from the Ruby cocoa bean.

To create Ruby chocolate no berries or berry flavor, or color is added.

The flavor is All Natural.


Do you know how your competition is preparing to introduce the new Ruby and Pink Chocolate?

Imagine Your Valentines Day, Mothers Day and Easter Ruby Chocolate Bonanza.

Birthdays, Weddings, Children’s parties

How will you stand out from the crowd and capture this Millennial, in fact, all ages madness for Ruby Chocolate?

Ruby chocolate, will be in a store near you now, or very soon and retailing at $3.60 US a stick.

It’s the first new natural color for chocolate since Nestlé unveiled white chocolate more than 80 years ago.

There is a global market for this new chocolate that’s about pure pleasure and perfect for the event and home catering.

Sarah Phillips, who runs one of the most popular food-related Instagram accounts, with over 500k followers, predicts that Ruby Chocolate will become an instant craze.

“It’s fun, it looks beautiful, and I think it will be a big hit.”

“It’s going to be a huge trend that’s only going to be getting bigger.”

hot chocolate

Image Source: SoraNews24

Have you thought how you would introduce the Ruby Chocolate to your business?

Always scrambling for new ideas to be more innovative than your competitors.

It is tough to keep coming up with something new.


How will you attract your customers with this game-changing chocolate?

Think about combining two Foodie Game Changers for the last two decades.

Chocolate Fountains with Ruby Chocolate!

Chocolate Fountains became an event catering game changer in 2006.

Commercial chocolate fountains are popular, and home chocolate fountains also became a game changer.

The fountain of fortune, make every event and home party a sweet success.

good idea

What is your innovation roadmap to secure a share of this new chocolate opportunity?

How long will it take to understand the potential of these two game changers?

time and money

Ruby chocolate for chocolate fountains?

What is the best way to get started?


The 30 Minute Meltdown

Sephra is the ONLY Chocolate Fountain on the market which allows you to melt chocolate chips right in the fountain basin.

It’s the easiest Chocolate Fountain to set up.

Turn on the fountain heating element; sprinkle chips right into the basin; stir occasionally and voila!

How will you use your Sephra Chocolate Fountain?

  • Showcase the new Ruby Chocolate
  • Summer BBQ’s
  • Birthdays
  • Mothers Day
  • Valentines Day
  • Weddings
  • Corporate Events

Hire your Fountain

  • Work Parties
  • Children’s Birthday’s Retirement Farewells
  • Fundraising Events
  • Sport Events
  • Pop Up Shops


Best 30-minute Allergy-Free Desserts

Everyone can enjoy a Chocolate Fountain.

It’s is the perfect answer for an allergy-sensitive guest or family member when catering or in the home for parties, especially for children.

Trade In Your Old Chocolate Fountain

Trade in your old, commercial, non-working or old chocolate fountain ( regardless of the brand) and save 20% of a new Sephra of your choice, a saving of up to $660.

If you don’t need a new chocolate fountain – trade the old unit in for 20% off a new Sephra crepe or waffle maker.

Chocolate Fountain Rental Business

When you operate a Chocolate Fountain rental business, you must adhere to sanitation and health regulations to remain in good standing.

Sephra’s commercial Chocolate Fountains are the only ones in the industry that meet NSF/ANSI sanitation standards.

Protect Your Company With NSF/ANSI Sanitation Standards.

Caterers Nightmare Turns to Sweet Dreams

Time to RESET your chocolate fountain brain.

Sephra – additional gadgets for a mess-free fountain.

  • Think drip guard for a no mess fountain.
  • Think wind guard for outdoor entertaining.
  • Fountain Grate to catch the strawberry or marshmallow, that drops, it’s easy to just scoop it out with a spatula, instead of “fishing.”

Sephra Chocolate Fountains


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