Baking Start Up – Being Your Own Boss

There are so many positive aspects of starting your own business. Being Your Own Boss is an exciting opportunity to be creative and flexible, although working from home does require self-discipline and ongoing motivation.

Here are some other great features and positive aspects:

Set your own scheduleBoss

When you first begin working from home, you should take things one baby step at a time.

Set up a schedule where you work and try not to go outside of this time frame. The last thing you want is to get burn out early on. You need to balance things well to be successful and be able to stay committed.

Low Expenses

As I just mentioned the costs are a lot lower since you do not have to rent a shop, hire employees, renovate the building, deal with inspectors and so much more that goes into running an ‘out of the house’ store. Still, once your business takes off you just might wish to upgrade to a larger area or a walk-in store.


Home with the children

If you have kids being a work at home mom is a success in itself. Your kids will not have to go to daycare, and you will be at home when they need you. For the school years, you can walk or drive them to school, and be there for sporting events, class assemblies, concerts. You know the list is endless.time balance

Available for caring

Aging parents, even if they are in care need your time. Often you can’t schedule the trips to the Doctor, Podiatrist, Eye Specialist, Dentist, and this list goes on. Not to mention the quality time you want to spend with them to add quality to their lives.

Creating your own business gives you time to be flexible for a caring role with both parents and children.

With older parents, often its a double whammy of caring for kids and older parents or grandparent.

You set the times

You can see potential customers at your home on your schedule. I wouldn’t suggest allowing walk-in’s since this is your home and not just a place of business but developing a good scheduling system where you allow clients to come over, look at your samples and discuss what it is that they have in mind.

There are many more advantages to working from home that you will quickly discover.  It truly is an incredible experience and one that you will be proud of.

Minimal Risk

Since it doesn’t cost much to get started if you decide that it isn’t for you, you lose nothing but time. It is important to follow local food safety regulations and registration requirements.

Taking the First

Baking For the Home Business Start-Up Steps

If you love baking and enjoy being creative, establishing a business could be a natural and enjoyable next step for you.

First, consider the type of Baking Business you would like to establish.

To start your business, you will just need the essentials:

Your business name and what type of baking you will focus on.

Will you supply decorated cakes to shops, selling at markets, promoting your cakes to other school moms, decorating on consignment with special orders for weddings, birthdays, Easter, religious events?

Will you specialize in special diets such as gluten free, nut free egg free, etc?

Make a few choices about your priorities and remember these will change as you grow into your business.

Kitchen Universe, The Kitchen Store

Naming Your Business

There are so many different considerations for a name.

Will you specialize in design, will you include your location and would this be a town or region.

Remember when establishing any business, it is all about the customer. First knowing what they want and then delivering high quality and value.

Before you decide on your name and business focus, do your competitor research. Sound’s complex, it’s isn’t. Just google cakes, bakery, cup cakes, cookies, etc. and your location to see the businesses. Remember, not all new busineses are online and some very successful businesses will be based at home without any visible presence.

Ask around, pretend you need some baking done, talk to bakeries, friends, the local Business Association.  Establish what is happening locally, and find a gap in the market or think how you can provide a different, more unique baking service. Perhaps, it’s making children’s cakes for busy moms? Cakes for old folks homes? Wedding Cakes or Cake Decorating.

To help with some business name inspiration, we have had a look through social media and found some names for you to think about. Of course, don’t copy the name, unless the business is a long way from where you are establishing your business.

  • “Dream Cakes and Heavenly Bakes”
  • “Jo’s Cheesecakes”
  • “Bachelor of Tarts”
  • “Hot Box Cookies”
  • “Bakes By Brenda”
  • “Sweet Cookie Crumbs”
  • “Mom’s Baking”
  • “NYC Pizza”
  • “The Little Cake Factory”
  • “Jenny’s Wedding Cakes”Craftsy Cake Decorating Class

As we’ll cover more in the next steps and Getting Started, when thinking of your name you must ask yourself a few important questions such as:

  • Why would a customer come to me and not a competitor?
  • What am I offering that is unique?
  • How can I stand out?
  • What can I do differently that a customer would appreciate?

Simple things can make a huge impact on how your customers view you.

If you are struggling to decide on a name, try this 20 Business Name Generator, you can find this here.

Once you have considered a Business Name and researched the market, you’ll be on your way to Being Your Own Boss.

Consider your online visibility with a website as well as social media. A simple Business Facebook Page and an instagram presence will be good to start with.  How we grew our instagram following to 500k

Only as your business develops and you build your portfolio and customer base will you need a blog website. Dont worry this is really easy to establish, you dont need to hire an expensive consultant. Start simple and grow.

There is no feeling like the one you get when you have finished designing the perfect cake or batch of cookies or cup cakes for a client, especially when it’s for a special occasion such as a birthday, anniversary or wedding. Seeing the delight on their face and you feeling great with a satisfied customer.

The more special attention and customization that you put into your work, the faster your name will be known for quality and reliability, and since your baked goods will always serve as a focal point. Make sure your Business name and contact details are on the packaging and this can be as simple as a sticker. You can quickly create client lists with little effort.

Are you ready for the Next Step? If so, let’s Get Started with the Next Steps. If you know that Cake Decorating is your passion, you can learn more here. Are you an Artisan? How to become one for a trendy marketing edge? Learn more about Artisan here “Are You Baking Artisan or Not”  it’s not just about breadbaking,