Baking Business Start up -To Blog or Not?

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Why Not Blog And Bake?

Your skills and what you like or keen to learn will decide if Blogging is for you.

Your current skill set will help you to tailor your better baking business strategy.

Do you like to write, create video, shoot photo’s, or talk?  Whichever you enjoy will help you to decide your way forward. If you like to write, or have the money to pay freelance writers then you’ll be all set to create a Blog.

If English isn’t your first language and you struggle with writing, perhaps a Blog isn’t for you unless you pay for article writers. Creating video’s and Youtube or having a photographic Instagram presence may be a better fit for your skills.

Baking Business Start up -To Blog or Not?


To understand what a Blog is, how to Blog, and how to provide value and build your bakery business with a Blog, keep reading.decision

Blogs started as online personal journals or diaries. Today, Blogs are more sophisticated and can earn your seven figures. Creating a Blog to promote your baking business has the added potential to create new income earning streams other than standing over a hot oven.  There are many ways to “monetize” a blog. We’ll cover that later in the article.

If you can write and have the desire to write well, then you can build a Blog. There are many reasons to Blog and many reasons you would not. It all depends on the type of business you want to create. All blogs will help you to showcase your expertise and connect with your audience.

You can build your own Blog website, it’s easy even without technical savvy.


Before starting, it’s good to know that Blogging doesn’t suit all topics and audiences.  This is good to know to avoid working for hours, days, and years and wonder why your blog isn’t earning as you hoped. Blogging is good for cooking business and this includes baking related businesses, so you can move forward with confidence.

Blogging is not for everyone. You need to take great pride in your writing and craft your messages with delight and passion. If you love to bake and I’m sure you do, it goes without saying that you will love your Baking Blog.

Before we think about how to make money from your Baking Blog, the essential steps to create your blog are:

  • Create a Blog Elevator Pitch

Be very clear on the purpose of your Blog. Will you focus on recipes, all baking recipes or perhaps just cake, cake decoration, cake topers, healthy cakes for special diets, maybe focus on bread and bread baking.

Describe your Blog to others in 100 words or three minutes.  If you’re unclear, it’s unlikely that anyone else will be. Knowing what your Blog about helps you to develop a content plan and will help you to find your customers, and for them to find you.

Baking Business Start up -To Blog or Not?

To help you on your Blogging journey, this free ebook has good tips and advice.10 Mistakes that Bloggers Make Free eBook

What will you name your Blog

A compelling name can help your Blog to stand-out from the crowd.

Write down 10-15 names, keep them to 3-5 words. Choose your five favorites then ask these questions, is your name:

  • relevant to your Blog
  • easy to spell
  • easy to remember, catchy and memorable
  • Is the website domain name available, ie, Go to and do a domain name availability search.

How to Make Money Blogging

For blogging to be a successful content needs to be of interest and value to your audience.

With blogging, there are a variety of different ways to bring the cash in.

  • Attract customers who want your baking products or service,
  • Promoting your products, services, and information
  • Distribute a newsletter and create a membership site for more detailed paid growth
  • Link to a you-tube or Instagram account where you provide ” how to” baking video’s and photographs or your products
  • Link to personal coaching or mentoring from you
  • Advertise your baking lessons
  • Create online baking lessons and link to a membership site.
  • Sell advertising space on your Blog.

If you think that Blogging isn’t for you or your Baking Business, consider making video’s and here is another resource to help you grow your business.7 essential tools for making recipe videos. Bloging is a good start you your baking business and being your own bass – Baking For the Home Baking Business Start up  and create a useful second income.