Baking For the Home – Baking for Egg Allergy

Egg, Allergy

Egg allergy is the second most common food allergy in young children. Milk allergy is the most common, and we’ll cover the later.

Vegans will also avoid eggs as well as Lacto-ovo vegetarians.  People practicing the Hindu faith also avoid eggs as well as meats, poultry, and fish. Seven Day Adventists, are Lacto-ovo vegetarians however usually eat eggs.

What do you do when Baking without EGG?


If you bake for others or have a Baking for the Home Business and have been asked to bake a cake for an egg allergy sufferer or others who avoid eggs, what do you do. Wedding, Cake

Here are the critical steps, and it’s not just about avoiding eggs or using an egg substitute.

If you consider the following list of precautionary steps, you should be OK.

1. Avoid all baking ingredients including fillers with a label stating  “may contain egg” or similar wording.

Look on the label under the ingredient section.  If eggs are used, it is the law that all ingredients are listed. Avoid any products that do not have an ingredient list.

2. Always read food labels, sometimes the ingredients can change for the same manufacturer.

3. If you are unsure, give the manufacturer a call or contact them via their website. Both can usually be found on the label.

4.Does the source of the egg make a difference?chick

The proteins in all eggs are similar and need to be avoided. Eggs from chickens, quail, turkeys, ducks, and geese need to be avoided by people with an egg allergy.





5. Like sugar which has many different names on a food label, eggs can also be listed on a label with other names. If you see any of these names on a food label, avoid these foods for egg allergy.

  •     Albumin, albumen
  •     Globulin
  •     Livetin
  •     Lysozyme
  •     Ovo
  •     Silico-albuminate
  •     Vitellin

These are the common names, for a full list of Hidden Names for EGG, read this.

Avoid food and products that do not have an ingredient list and read labels every time you shop.

Examples of ingredients that may contain eggs for sweet baking when you are Baking for the Home include:

  •     Baked mixes
  •     Cream-filled desserts, e.g., custards, meringues, puddings and ice creams
  •     Egg and fat substitutes
  •     Nougat
  •     Marzipan, Icing, Glazes

Be confident and enjoy your baking when Baking for Egg Allergy.

For other special diets follow Baking For the Home – Alternative Baking  for other allergies and special dietary needs including Gluten Free.