11 Skills Children Learn When They Bake

Children start baking at home alongside mum, dad, grandparents, and friends. It’s where treasured memories form.
Baking supports children’s learning and journey to independence. It feels so good when kids leave home, and you know they can bake a cake, cookies, lasagna or even a roast dinner. Supporting their journey to competent independence starts at an early age.

Children learn so much more than cooking when they bake.

1. Math skills such as counting, fractions improve as children measure the ingredients.
Explain these concepts as you read the recipe, use the scales, measuring cups, spoons, and jugs. If you are making cookies or serving a cake, you can explain portions and serving sizes.
2. General Knowledge grows when children learn that food.
Where the eggs for their cookies come from. And, milk from cows, flour, and grain from the fields and vegetables harvested from the garden.
3. When you are baking, children learn about Science. The role of different ingredients in baking such as bicarbonate of soda, yeast, and gluten. Here are 77 uses of bicarbonate of soda in the home.
sourdough starter
4. You can even build their Nutrition Knowledge. Talk about healthy foods and others we enjoy but not in large portions every day. 
For older children, dig a little deeper. Talk about low fat and high-fat foods, or wholemeal choices and fiber and the health benefits.
heart health

5. Reading every day to your children helps their success at school. Reading recipes counts. Introduce new words such as: mixing, cutting, pouring, creaming, smoothing, crackle and fizz.


baking recipe
6. Executive Function is a skill needed by older children. It relates to everyone being able to start a task and completing it. Often following a sequence of steps. Following a recipe, completing the steps one by one helps to build Executive Function.
Kids with autism often struggle with Executive Function. Cooking helps to establish homework habits, starting a lesson and completing it.
7. The kitchen is a great place to learn Personal and Food Hygiene.
 Skills children need to learn, understand and practice include:
  • Washing hands,
  • Wearing hair ties or even a cap,
  • Washing fruits and vegetables,
  • Keeping the benches clean,
  • Not eating raw egg,
  • Using clean dishcloths,
  • Making sure the fridge is set at the right temperature,
  • Explaining the use-by and best-by dates on packaged food.
 food poison
8. How Things Work. When you are baking at home, you can teach the children how the oven works, or microwave, the mixer, the shredder. The list is endless.
 kitchen stove
9. Reading Food Labels. We all need to take responsibility for what we eat. Where food is grown, how much fat, protein, carbohydrate, and sugars are in a serving.
If a child has a food allergy, being able to read a food label is critical when children share food at school or parties.
peanut allergy
10. Satisfaction of a Job Well Done. When a batch of cookies looks good and are delicious, children feel good building positive self-esteem for a job well done.
“A job worth doing is worth doing well” or “If you are going to do something, do it well or not at all.” How many times have you heard this from your parents or teachers?
children cooking
Early achievements of a “job well done,” and feelings of satisfaction sets kids up for life. With a confident baking experience baking, children may try other challenges. These shape their life and help to build connections with family and friends.
Eight ” Feel Good” Reasons to Bake
  • When words are hard to find, a baked gift shows you care.
  • Baked gifts are cheaper than many other presents.
  • There is nothing nicer than to give a gift you have made.
  • Baking is calming.
  • Baking together and you’ll chat and connect.
  • Baking is fun.
  • Baking a gift gives you a reason to connect.
  • Baking for a friend or classmates shows you care.
You can get children off to a lifelong love of baking. Using real food they can bake alongside you. You’ll get your baking done, and the children are off to an excellent start.


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