Herbs for Baking At home
baking the perfect pie

Baking Business Start Up – Insider Tips From Baker

  BAKING Before mixing better, preheat the oven, prepare cake pans, and move oven rack to center position.   Try Crisco No-Stick Spray and follow with a light dusting of flour for greasing cake pans.   If using glass-baking pans instead of metal ones, reduce the oven temperature by 250F.   Place cake pans at least 1 inch apart from […]

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National Fortune Cookie Day

Are you ready for July 20th? It’s National Fortune Cookie Day !! If you’ve bееn to аnу Chinese restaurant іn thе Unіtеd Stаtеѕ, уоu’vе bееn ѕеrvеd a fortune сооkіе. Yеѕ, fortune сооkіеѕ are a bеlоvеd Chіnеѕе restaurant trаdіtіоn all around thе wоrld. There are also multi-cultural versions of the fortune cookie. For instance, the Mexican version of the fortune cookie […]

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Cookie Chemistry

Have you ever wondered how a cookie bakes? What turns cookie dough into a delicious cookie? Baking is pretty much just chemistry. Both baking and chemistry require careful timing and measuring for the perfect cookies and whether they turn out thin and crispy, chewy, cakey, golden brown or pale. If you get a dud batch, repeat paying careful attention to […]

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Homemade Pizza in Minutes


Today we’re going to make pizza. I’m very experienced; the family even prefer homemade pizza made the quick and easy way compared to supermarket bought, delivered and made from scratch. I bought this fantastic pizza kettle. Once all of the toppings are added, the pizza cooks in less than 5 minutes. I’ll show this one first because it is a […]

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Wash away 95% of chemicals so your Summer Berries are safe to eat.


If you love berries, then summer is your season. Stop, are your strawberries safe to eat? Without careful washing, you’ll be taking in more pesticide and fumigation residues than you bargained for. Strawberry growers use on average 20 chemicals to support growth and poisonous gases to fumigate the soil before planting. The laws about the pesticides used on strawberries are […]

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Backcountry Survival Baking 200 Years Ago

Bread: The Great Survival Food   Today’s story and the recipe come from the Australian Outback.   In Australia, we also call the Backcountry the Bush. Being aware of the different meaning of the Bush in America. , I’m choosing the word Backwater and Outback and not “The Bush”  to describe our down under remote and very rural areas.   […]

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