Baking for the Home Business Start Up – Cake Decorating

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There are so many positive aspects of starting your own business. Being Your Own Boss is an exciting opportunity to be creative and flexible, although working from home does require self-discipline and ongoing motivation. If you love baking and enjoy being creative, establishing a cake decorating business will be a natural and enjoyable next step for you. A cake decorating […]

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Could Chocolate Really Be Good Medicine?

if you’re interested in baking and good nutrition then Cochrane provides the world’s best evidence on health. It’s workers gather together all of the research on a particular subject and sort out the facts. One study looked at whether eating chocolate helped blood pressure. “Dark chocolate and cocoa products are rich in chemical compounds called flavanols. Flavanols have attracted interest […]

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The Anti-Aging Goodness of Cocoa and Chocolate

How often do healthy foods actually taste good? The answer for me sits somewhere between “not often” and “never.” And then, there is cocoa. Not only is it delicious, cocoa is also packed with anti-aging goodness. No wonder that it has been named ‘the drink of the gods.’ After harvest, cocoa beans undergo the lengthy process of drying, fermenting, roasting […]

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How to Bring Back the Pleasure in Baking – Time and Budget Savers


One way to save time, money and effort is to start out by picking the right recipes for your every-day and holiday baking. Choose recipes that make it easier to get the baking done. Picking recipes with these things in mind will make baking so much more enjoyable. Make Items That Are Freezable – If you can make it ahead […]

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Baking with Juice


Add flavor and nutrition to your baking with juice. Many health-conscious individuals work to avoid eating too much sugar. This may cause some difficulty when it comes to baking sweets and treats. While low-fat yogurt and skim milk are excellent substitutes for higher fat content when baking, the taste may not be what you are seeking.   You may find […]

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