How to Reduce Fat and Cholesterol in Your Recipes Without Losing The Taste

You are reading this because you love to bake and make healthy choices for you, your customers and family. We aim for this article to give you confidence and bake the healthy way. First, how to reduce fat without losing taste, texture and the look of your baking. Further on, we give the details in plain English which fats are […]

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Soluble Fiber In 41 Fruits With Recipes For Good Gut Health


Last post we talk about the 14 delicious ways to add fiber to your baking. One way was to add fruit to your ingredient list. Fruit provides a source of soluble fiber and your gut bacteria love feasting on this proving you with good immunity, lowered cholesterol, improved blood sugar control and lowered inflammation leading to heart disease, diabetes, and […]

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Baking for the Home – 10 Decadent Cheese Cake Recipes


Cheesecakes come in a variety of flavors with nuts and fruit, mint and chocolate. You will love these recipes. Cheesecake is a good choice for a Baking For the Home -Baking Business Start Up, be your own boss and thrive. Chocolate Velvet Cheesecake 1 c Vanilla Wafer Crumbs 1/2 c Chopped Pecans 3 tb Granulated Sugar 1/4 c Margarine, Melted […]

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Baking For the Home – A Perfect Crust For Every Occasion

Pies, Quiches and Tarts need the perfect pastry. With frozen pre-prepared pastry available, it’s too easy to make this choice. Try making pastry yourself, its economical, easy and will give your baking sensational flavor. Basic Crust I – Savory Quiche or Pie   1 1/4 c  Flour            Pinch of salt       3 T  Butter       3-4 TB Cold Water […]

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