Could Chocolate Really Be Good Medicine?

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One study looked at whether eating chocolate helped blood pressure.Blood, Pressure

“Dark chocolate and cocoa products are rich in chemical compounds called flavanols.

Flavanols have attracted interest as they might help to reduce blood pressure, a known risk factor for cardiovascular disease (disorders of the heart and blood vessels). The blood pressure-lowering properties of flavanols are thought to be related to widening of the blood vessels

In 2017, they assessed the effect of cocoa products on blood pressure in adults when consumed daily for at least two weeks. They searched through all of the medical literature and found 35 studies.

Could Chocolate Really Be Good Medicine?

The results look promising for chocolate eaters. The researchers concluded with moderately good evidence that  flavanol-rich chocolate and cocoa products cause a small (2 mmHg) blood pressure-lowering effect in mainly healthy adults in the short term.

Others report that the flavonols in chocolate are good for UV protection and brain function. The question remains, which chocolate is has the highest flavanol content ?

Let’s find out.

You want to aim for a chocolate bar that states 75% and above for cacao, the higher the better.

A word of caution when choosing your chocolate bar.

Some chocolate makers use a process called ” dutching” and this means the processing involves an “alkaline” phase. Not all chocolate makers use this because it reduces the flavanol content. Read the label and avoid these chocolate bars.

There are many best choices to make in the supermarket. Always read the labels and the manufactures methods can change.

Today, some good choice brands include: Lindt, Ghirardelli, Moser Roth and Godiva.

Do your heart a favor and choose chocolate with high flavonol content.


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